Enjoying the books written by Heyer, it is but natural for the reader to wonder about the clothes worn. What exactly was sprigged muslin? Why was the Oriental Cravat so admired? What were those shining hessians which declared the rank of our protagonist to the world? Were the gowns really as vast, rigid and cake-like as shown in some movies? What shoes did they wear? What was a poked bonnet like? What type of carriage was a Gig? The questions can be endless.

To answer all that, I had a lot of Google search and movie watching to do. As an end result I can safely thank the many Regency fans out in the world who have made my minds picture of that era much clearer.

Some links which have helped me have been listed below.

Tying a Cravat

Some modern day examples of badly tied cravats

A picture and description of cravats worn in the era

Another description of Cravats

Clothes for Men

What the average Gentleman wore

Hessians / Shoes (men)

Hessians with tassles

Clothes for women

What the average Lady wore

Some terms used in the books

The books use terms now alien to us, but common in that era. To understand such words, most of the times the context in the books is enough. However, a few websites listing them down are a definite help:

List of terms used