I have been asked many times what I like about Georgette Heyer’s works.

Jane Austen is well known for her romance, and her writings, but few people know about Heyer apart from her readers. One thing is for sure, once someone has read a Heyer book, I am yet to see them not finish the whole set.

Here are some reasons why I like and recommend Heyer’s books to any book lover.

For one, I like her writing style. A little long-winded, it is not for the impatient lot. However, she manages to mix in irony and humor in her language, giving the reader an exact idea of the tone of speech.

Then again, she uses languages as used at that time. The spellings being modern, reading the books is easy while taking you back to the era effortlessly.

The most important fact about her books is the amount of history packed in them! The books do not deal with two or three individuals. They are about an era. About how people dressed, what they travelled in, what they ate, how they spoke, the social customs, entertainments, the revolutions, the reactions to new technology (machinery), wars, and so on. Reading a Heyer book is like living through History, with none of the tedium attached to it. It is a real glimpse into life as it was at that time. Sure, she wrote about the rich society, but we do get glimpses of the Cits or the common man (not the nobility) as well. And it is enticing and addictive!

Then, some people presume the books are about Romance. Sure, romance is an important part of the book. But rarely are the books about two people pining for each other. Most of them include enough intrigue (murder, kidnapping, robbery, scamming anyone?) to keep the reader entertained. The romance sometimes is so subtle as to go unnoticed. The reader is more engrossed in solving who is trying to murder X, why a certain jewel was robbed, and how they will be caught.

The women in her books are the main protagonists, and though not always beautiful, have charisma and strength of character, which makes them endearing to any reader. The men, unsurpassable in themselves, of course fall for these unusual women in an era of suppressed women.

In short, reading a Heyer novel ensures that the reader is wiser about the customs of the Regency era, the fashions (men and women), their mode of entertaining themselves, etc. as well as have an intersting story to read complete with Highwaymen, Noblemen, gambling and losing money, gaining money, riding horses and racing, murder and War.

Go ahead, pick up a Heyer, and dont blame me if you cant put it down! You will no longer question ‘Why Georgette Heyer”